Technicolor Forest / Department of Cultural Affairs, Culver City CA
Technicolor Forest

2021 Proposal
Dimensions: 60ft Tree, Phase I – 300′ x 50′ Phase II – 300′ x 150′
Materials: Natural materials, concrete, local stone and flora
Department of Cultural Affairs, Culver City, California

Technicolor Forest provides the community, visitors, working people and businesses a place to meet, gather, have coffee, lunch, or seek privacy to relax. Technicolor Forest will become a place for friends to gather; a place of ownership for the city’s communities.

This is a day and night artwork. In the evening the public is enriched by the the splendor of technicolor glowing from the central tree and reflecting color across the plaza throughout the landscape. They can also hear the songs of nocturnal birds in the distance. Even the metro riders will be able to view technicolor radiating across and into the train.

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