Public Art Commissions

Specific experience collaborating with architects, design professionals & community groups. 

Artist Blane De St. Croix:

Blane De St. Croix’s artworks respond to the physical, historical, and social situation of the site to reveal what is already there, to heighten the experience of the place, particularly its relation to its natural surroundings. His goal is to create generous and seductive experiences that invite viewers into experimenting with a new thought or idea. He has considerable experience working successfully with public art and is familiar with the demands of coordinating large-scale permanent public art projects. He has collaborated with local authorities, architects, and other stakeholders, and all of my projects are completed on time and budget.

De St. Croix has extensive fabrication knowledge of various construction processes and materials. He has worked in a large variety of media, including glass, mosaic, various stones, casting, and numerous surface applications have close relationships with some of the best-regarded fabricators in these fields.

De St. Croix has teamed with Public Artist Ellen Harvey, Leeser Architecture, Thomas Lesser; Lara Kaufman, Senior Project Lead, Studio Gang; and Samuel Brissette, Designer, Snohetta on public art projects and concept presentations. Ellen Harvey and De St. Croix collaborators on a large terrazzo project. Leeser Architects collaborated with him on his solo exhibit at MassMOCA to build innovative viewing platform systems for the public in a 3.5 story gallery. He has also collaborated with other Architects, Designer, Landscape Architects, horticulturists, and other architectural firms. When collaborating, their design collaborative focuses on the intersection of public space and the environment.

Recent Public Art Commissions:

Title: Mangrove Landscape, completion January 2021
Jackson West Hospital, Miami Dade, Florida
Blane De St. Croix, Collaborative team with Public Artist Ellen Harvey
Dimensions: Approximately 3,000 square feet of marble mangrove trees laid into 16,000 square foot terrazzo floor.
Materials: Various colored marble water jet cut laid into a terrazzo floor
Commission: $525,000
Statement: Jackson West, new hospital, Miami Dade, Florida is adjacent to the Florida Everglades and the architects used the mangrove tree/root systems in the hospital design. We are bringing nature into the hospital and celebrating the unique landscape (Everglades) that surrounds the complex. Nature provides a unique calm to us all in difficult times and the iconic mangrove represents – unity, long life, and survival in extremely difficult circumstances.

Title: Memory of a Forest, commissioned 2022
EMS Station #16, Bronx, New York City, New York
Dimensions: Two displays of 12’ x 12” x 12”, one display 4’x 12” x 12”
Materials: Two-way glass, mirror, steel, LED lights, and mixed media.
Commission: $145,000
Statement: The artwork Memory of a Forest allows the emergency medical personnel, staff, and administrators a place to go for solace, calm, and peace. The artwork also stimulates memories and enables the viewer associations to personal positive times in nature. Human beings have a powerful association with nature and seek refuge throughout their lives. The three-dimensional sculpture and the illusion of vast depth (infinity depth) are powerful visual tools that stimulate the individual more than a two-dimensions plane. It allows the viewer to feel as they are entering the space and walking about. It transports the viewer to another place. A reality built on their memories, allowing them to create personal narratives.

Title: Sky Architecture, 2020
City Coliseum/Arena, Charlotte, North Carolina
Dimensions: 30’ x 12’, 9’, 6” high
Materials: Water jet cut stainless steel, blue tint stainless steel with text.
Commission: $115,000
Statement: The stainless relief mimics the famous first free spanned dome, 1954 – Charlotte Coliseum dome. It represents architectural blueprints, renderings, sunrise, sunset, urban landscape, and the venue’s history with text on important historical performers and events. The dramatic public art celebrates the importance as it welcomes the visitors and creates a gathering space in the Coliseum’s plaza.

Title: Dune, cast aluminum landscapes, 2016
Cost: $60,000
Client: Western Michigan University
Statement: “Dune” reflects on the fragile ecology of dunes and their important role for the great lakes and the region. The project incorporated university student participation with the casting and installation as well as community engagement. The project additionally provided interdisciplinary cross over for the University’s Fine Arts and the Science (Geology) departments.

Recent Proposed Public Art Commissions:

Title: Phantom Dunes, proposed 2021
Devasthali Hall, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico
Dimensions: 30’ x 12’, 9’, 6” high
Materials: Natural materials, concrete, local stone and flora
Commission: $190,500
Statement: This three-dimensional public sculpture allows one to walk through, around and into the form, it presents the illusion of vast depth. Using powerful visuals, viewer to feels as though they are walking about an extensive space which stimulates the individual more than a two-dimensional plane. It transports the viewer to another reality, one built on their memories, allowing them to create new personal narratives in a constructed place. Phantom Dunes provide students, faculty, staff, admin and visitors to Devasthali Hall, new Department of Art, Art Museum and other University areas a place to study, meet, and hold class. Memory of a Dune could also become a place to meet friends and gather, a place of ownership for the students. “Let’s meet at the Dunes.”

Title: Industry and Nature, proposed 2018
Downtown, City Garage, Durham, North Carolina
Dimensions: screen thickness 2’ to 3’, 30’ x 70’, one and a half stories off the ground
Materials: Standard screens, brackets, and clamps hardware. Screen system layered screens.
Commission: $175,000
Statement: On the approach to Durham, pine forests gradually give way to leafy suburban streets and then the brick factory buildings of Bright leaf and central Durham. What are some of the stories embedded in Durham’s landscapes, and how is today’s Durham a product of its past?

Title: Tree Lines, proposed 2019
The College of New Jersey
Dimensions: Approximately 60 feet across
Materials: Cast stone, two large red oak trees, Eco grass, granite crushed granite for walkway(s).
Commission: $275,000
Statement: Proposed to be located in front of Travers & Wolfe Hall Tree Lines, the new public art project promotes and celebrates a sense of community and communication within The College of New Jersey. The project creates a sculptural and functional space while making the invisible communication between trees visible. Tree Lines addresses the importance of communication and community within the new academic life of freshmen at TCNJ, The College of New Jersey. Freshman year is an important time for any young adult and their family. It’s a year about growth, independence, and discovery. Pathways are opened up, and new connections are made. Communication and community are integral components of the freshman experience.

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