Tree Lines / The College of New Jersey
Tree Lines

2020 Proposal
Collaborative with Architects Samuel Brissette and Lara Kaufman
Dimensions: Approximately 60 feet across
Materials: Cast stone, two large red oak trees, Eco grass, granite crushed granite for walkway(s).
The College of New Jersey, New Jersey

Proposed to be located in front of Travers & Wolfe Hall Tree Lines, the new public art project promotes and celebrates a sense of community and communication within The College of New Jersey. The project creates a sculptural and functional space while making the invisible communication between trees visible. Tree Lines addresses the importance of communication and community within the new academic life of freshmen at TCNJ, The College of New Jersey. Freshman year is an important time for any young adult and their family. It’s a year about growth, independence, and discovery. Pathways are opened up, and new connections are made. Communication and community are integral components of the freshman experience.

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