Memory of a Forest / EMS Station #16, Bronx NY
Memory of a Forest

Dimensions: Two displays of 12’ x 12” x 12”, one display 4’x 12” x 12”
Materials: Two-way glass, mirror, steel, LED lights, and mixed media.
EMS Station #16, Bronx, New York City, New York

The artwork Memory of a Forest allows the emergency medical personnel, staff, and administrators a place to go for solace, calm, and peace. The artwork also stimulates memories and enables the viewer associations to personal positive times in nature.  Human beings have a powerful association with nature and seek refuge throughout their lives.  The three-dimensional sculpture and the illusion of vast depth (infinity depth) are powerful visual tools that stimulate the individual more than a two-dimensions plane. It allows the viewer to feel as they are entering the space and walking about. It transports the viewer to another place. A reality built on their memories, allowing them to create personal narratives.

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