Sky Architecture / Coliseum & Arena, Charlotte NC Sky Architecture Completed January 2021 Dimensions: 30’ x 12’, 9’, 6” highMaterials: Water jet cut stainless steel, blue tint stainless steel with text.City Coliseum/Arena, Charlotte, North Carolina The stainless relief mimics the famous first free spanned dome, 1954 – Charlotte Coliseum dome. It represents architectural blueprints, renderings,Continue reading

Mountain Views / Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens NY Mountain Views 2011 Dimensions: 13’ x 36′ x 6’ Materials: Steel, wood, paint, dirt, concrete, stucco, and other materialsSocrates Sculpture Park (on East River), Long Island City, New York Mountain Views recreates monumental extinct mountain ranges. Mountain Views is an elevated sculpture that recreates a scenic vistaContinue reading